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50ty/50ty is an online collection of limited-edition screen prints, created in collaboration with local artists, illustrators and designers. Representing the best of both established and emerging talent, each work is hand printed on archival paper and available for purchase exclusively on this platform.

Who’s / who

Wim and Jeanne Legrand are the artist duo behind the Black River Studio – a production space for hand-pulled, fine art screen printing that caters specifically to the needs of professional artists, designers and illustrators. 50ty/50ty serves to showcase the studio’s artisan approach to screen printing and the exciting physical process involved.

Fine / print

The brainchild of Black River Studio, the initiative is named 50ty/50ty after the collaborative process between artist and printmaker in the creation of a fine art print. The name also references the maximum number of prints to which each edition is limited – with smaller editions commanding higher prices, and editions of 50 more affordable.

Price / quality

Affordability is made possible by selling the works exclusively online. But affordability does not mean a compromise on quality – artistic integrity is ensured by the principles and processes of the Black River Studio. Wim Legrand, the studio’s Belgian-born master printmaker, works closely with the artist from initial concept through to final print, facilitating exploration of the medium while lending his technical expertise and insight throughout the process.

Win / win

The initiative is wonderfully symbiotic: Artists are offered the opportunity to explore the captivating medium of screen printing in an expert environment, and collectors gain access to the work of high-calibre artists.

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