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Wim Legrand is back with his brand of magic – a wonderful new screen print that promises to spark equal parts joy and mild concern. Legrand’s world is populated by the stuff of strange, sweet dreams. By familiar, forgettable objects in varying states of predicament and vitality. Lifeless unicorns, fabricated flowers,

Up-and-coming artist Kylie Wentzel is continuing her steady rise within the art world. In less than eight years since graduating, she has held two solos and a duo exhibition, participated in notable group shows and art fairs in South Africa and France, and been awarded a residency in Angola. And

This year, we have an exceptional line-up of artists in the studio. And who better to kick things off than Alexia Vogel, one of our very first collaborators. Both of her previous 50ty/50ty screen prints sold out fast (unsurprisingly), but fortunately for her many fans, she’s been working her magic

We’ve had the wonderful Elsabé Milandri back in the studio, working on two new screen print collaborations that have come out beautifully and are ready to fly off the drying racks and into your homes. This studio session was something like a reunion, as Milandri was one of the first artists

Our latest screen print is the result of a collaboration with a collaboration: the Magolide Collective – a young, dynamic duo who work, and rework, their way through the weighted layers of history. Inundated with centuries of multiple narratives as well as today’s information overwhelm, these artists endeavour to remake subject

We were thrilled to have acclaimed artist Gerhard Marx back in the studio recently. Drawing, sculpture, and performance are the chief mediums of his practice, but a couple of years ago, he began exploring printmaking as an avenue through which to investigate his subjects - thematic concerns that fall under an

Marna Hattingh has created a wonderful new limited edition screen print with us. Titled “Moment”, it’s a portrait of an emotional state, an inner world, where detailed, colourful anthropomorphic metaphors and mythological and natural references weave into and out of one another, describing a euphoric, dreamlike world in continual flux. She

We’ve been fortunate to work with Nina Torr on a number of screen prints, with her Meet-in-the-making artwork one of the first in our sketchbook inspired project, and our 2016 collaboration titled "Keep me there" a firm favourite with art buyers. The sophisticated line rendering that characterises her work makes for

In this Special Project, Nelo Teixeira’s sketchbook was our source of inspiration – and also functioned as the common language between us and the Portuguese-speaking artist. This most remote of collaborations – across countries and language barriers – was paradoxically intimate, dynamic and exciting, afforded by the immediacy of his sketches,

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