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It’s time. On Saturday 13 November, we’re hosting a studio open day. We’ve missed the art fairs, we’ve missed meeting you in the flesh, and we’ve certainly missed introducing people to the fine art of the screen print. Because, while the digital marketplace is magic – and plays a key role in

Just two years ago, we released a screen print by Alexia Vogel – and you loved it. Swelter sold out fast, and we’ve had many, many requests for another of her works ever since. We’re not surprised – she’s an incredible young talent who keeps moving from strength to strength, having recently held

The cost of artworks is a subject often veiled in mystery and elitism. But because it’s Turbine time, because we released a higher-priced artwork last month, and because increasing accessibility to the art market is one of our core objectives – we’d like to offer a brief explainer of how

"For many people, enjoying art means attending gallery openings and shows but never actually buying anything. Artworks are often perceived as extravagantly indulgent objects that only the wealthy purchase for investment. But this is not the case. Most people, given the desire, can own original contemporary art pieces. Savvy art enthusiasts can

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