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Conversations over the ether with Maaike Bakker

We’re back in the studio, but doing collaborations a little differently these days. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work setting up a socially distant system for working with artists to develop original screen prints. Without the in-studio exchange, new types of conversations, both verbal and visual, have developed via phone, email and even Instagram.

This week, we’re excited to release a work by Maaike Bakker. Her intentional pursuit of both fine art and illustration has synergistically developed both in parallel, while creating an exciting creative liminal space. Her screen print for 50ty/50ty provided the perfect opportunity to create in this space and resulted in a complex, wonderful, layered fusion of disciplines, subject matter and styles.

<See more of the artist’s fine art practice> or <Have a look at her illustration work>

Bakker has held number of solo and duo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions and residencies in Germany, India and South Africa. In addition to her artistic practice, she lectures illustration at the Open Window Institute and is co-curator of NO END Contemporary in partnership with Dalene Victor-Meyer and Jayne Crawshay-Hall.

A slide from our visual conversation using MIRO whiteboard software:

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