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Kylie Wentzel / Coming up

Up-and-coming artist Kylie Wentzel is continuing her steady rise within the art world. In less than eight years since graduating, she has held two solos and a duo exhibition, participated in notable group shows and art fairs in South Africa and France, and been awarded a residency in Angola. And her work just keeps getting better and better.

We first worked with Wentzel in 2020, producing the one-colour Birdlife as well as Leisure Woman, a five-colour screen print. And now, we’re thrilled to release her latest screen print, the spectacular Cosmic Lovers’ Oasis.

Cosmic lovers oasis

In comparison with her earlier collaborations, this latest piece is not only less figurative, but it’s also much more complex in terms of colour. At least 11 times more complex, in fact, because

that’s how many individual colours (and individual screens) we used. And for every new colour we introduced, an exponential number of additional hues was created due to the layered nature of the screen printing process. This all translated to countless iterations of testing.

It might sound a bit complicated – and that’s because it was. But this is just the kind of complicated that Wim, our master printmaker, relishes; it’s the kind of challenge that proves very, very rewarding.

So take a look at this 11-colour wonder, and ready your mouse-clicking fingers – Wentzel’s work sells fast.


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