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Meet-in-the-making | A wilder life

Our Meet-in-the-making project is coming along nicely, and we now have four of these single-colour screen prints out in the world. Interestingly, there seems to be a dominant theme surfacing – across the works of very different artists with very different styles. It’s the common thread of the natural world and our relationship to it. Have a look below.

  • Kylie Wentzel’s inspired by environments both natural and manmade, as well as the creatures that inhabit these spaces. She explains that she is “completely nuts about animals – great and small”.
  • Two gazelle and a meerkat by Renée Rossouw “was inspired by the quiet landscape of the Cederberg”. Rossouw adds, “If we would only listen, we could probably hear the animals whisper.”
  • Nina Torr’s imaginary landscapes are populated with “sad animals putting on brave faces”, with imagery inspired by – among other things – amateur natural history illustrations.
  • Elsabé Milandri explores ways of knowing and natural history, and her Tiger-A was one of our first, original 50ty/50ty releases. Keep a lookout for her Meet-in-the-making screen print, coming soon.

And then there’s Stephen. While not an actual person, he plays a pretty important role in these collaborations – he’s the pristine, archival paper on which Meet-in-the-making artworks are screen printed. Stephen (by Papersmith & Son) is also a big fan of the natural world. Not only is he environmentally friendly, but a portion of the profits from paper sales is donated to a conservation NPO called Children in the Wilderness. Committed to conserving Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas, the organisation runs an educational programme for rural children across the continent, growing the next generation of custodians of our natural heritage.

Bring a bit of the outside inside with these beautiful, hand-pulled screen prints.

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