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New landscapes. New rules.

Well, we’re halfway through 2020 and discovering all sorts of ways to navigate this strange, new terrain. The studio has been as busy as ever with our virtual collaborations, and we’re even participating in an online art fair.

Meet-in-the-making | Breaking the rules with Alexia Vogel

We’re pleased to release a new work for our Meet-in-the-making project – our third collaboration with artist Alexia Vogel.

Vogel has been credited with injecting new life into landscape painting, with her nostalgic, dreamy and semi-abstracted paradises depicted in vivid colour combinations. You might remember this little gem of hers from the days of “early lockdown”– when we were showcasing artists’ activities during isolation. Her oil pastel sketch generated so much interest that it warranted translation into a limited edition screen print.

With this project being the organic shape-shifter that it is, we decided to break our own rules with this artwork. We used four colours; not one, and we kept the sketch’s smaller dimensions. We also added a “memory of the sketch” by embossing its paper edge into the screen print’s A3 format.

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New release |Suzuki by Richard Myburgh

Richard Myburgh produced an awesome colour-in download for us back when the Meet-in-the-making project had just kicked off. And now we’re finally able to release his awesome 50ty/50ty screen print – a two-colour wonder that draws its title from one of Myburgh’s favourite books, Goodbye, things by Fumio Sasaki.


About the artist

Richard Myburgh (b.1984) is a visual artist and graphic designer whose drawings in ink masterfully combine both spontaneous and controlled brush marks. Portraits make up his primary subject matter, but paradoxically, they do not represent anyone in particular. They are deliberately anonymous and ambiguous, lacking specific characteristics and references to sex, race or culture. The artworks are thus open to multiple interpretations, with the viewer invited to determine the narrative.

Myburgh has participated in exhibitions including Sasol New Signatures 2018, Skrif at Woordfees 2018 and Ink on paper (2018–2019) at the La Motte Museum, where his work was shown alongside the likes of John Muafangejo, Cecil Skotnes and Irma Stern.

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Latitudes Online Art Fair

Latitudes Art Fair in Joburg only just launched last year, with an online presence a central goal within their vision of accessibility and innovation. This put them in good stead to present a virtual art fair this year in lieu of the physical event, and we are certainly excited to be a part of it.

Also, read this interview with Latitudes Co-Director Lucy MacGarry.

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