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Bit Coupon

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Bit Coupon (2016) – hand-pulled screen print by Asha Zero (edition of 25)

Asha Zero (b.1975) is known for his hyperrealistic paintings of masterful collages – a combination of visual concepts, production techniques and mediums that arrests and surprises the viewer. The contrast between the visual immediacy of collage, familiarity of mass media and temporal street art aesthetic; and the revelation of the painstaking “traditional” process behind the work; elicits a deeper consideration of ways of seeing and creating.

For his 50ty/50ty artwork, Zero added another layer of conceptual depth and laborious production to his process. First, he digitally scanned images of his paintings; themselves depicting collages of found images. These were then cut and reassembled as a digital collage and this composite image colour-separated for screen print. Essentially, it’s a screen print of a collage of a painting of a collage.

Interestingly, the final result is reminiscent of a print magazine aesthetic – a testament to how accurately the artist paints each printed dot of the original found images.

Zero’s work housed in prestigious collections in the USA, UK, France and Italy, most notably the The Matthais & Gervanne Leridon Collection, the Campbell Smith Collection, and the the Jack Ginsberg Collection amongst others.

Bit Coupon is a special edition print – limited to 25 editions

  • 17-Colour screen print on archival 75% cotton paper (250gsm Zerkall)
  • Paper size: 560x760mm
  • Limited edition of 25
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
  • Issued with a certificate of authenticity
  • Hand-printed in South Africa
  • Please note all prints are sold unframed

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Dimensions 60 × 11 × 5 cm
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