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"For many people, enjoying art means attending gallery openings and shows but never actually buying anything. Artworks are often perceived as extravagantly indulgent objects that only the wealthy purchase for investment. But this is not the case. Most people, given the desire, can own original contemporary art pieces. Savvy art enthusiasts can

"Despite ongoing discourse around making high-quality art more accessible to regular people, there’s still a huge gap between original pieces that only the very well-heeled can afford and cheap mass-produced prints that every average Joe and his cousins own. 50ty/50ty is the latest of a few independent ventures that have

"Just as the ink dries on the first edition of screen prints, let us introduce 50ty/50ty, a new art initiative that gives you the chance to buy original artworks from some of South Africa’s top artists, illustrators and designers at an affordable price. A real game changer. DECO contributor, Hendrik L. Coetzee, gained in-depth

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