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Wim Legrand / New release

Wim Legrand is back with his brand of magic – a wonderful new screen print that promises to spark equal parts joy and mild concern.

Legrand’s world is populated by the stuff of strange, sweet dreams. By familiar, forgettable objects in varying states of predicament and vitality. Lifeless unicorns, fabricated flowers, sausages, twigs, an assortment of tubes of non-descript function. Objects on edge, pierced, dazed. Things defeated, things defiant.

This new 50ty/50ty artwork is a perfect snapshot of that world: It’s a delicious disarray of things, of marshmallowish shapes and tones and sharp edges, a tableau rendered in Legrand’s signature cartoonish visual language.

It is, quite literally, fantastic. And it’s now available as an edition of just 30.

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