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Window (2017) – hand-pulled screen print by Paul Edmunds

Primarily concerned with sculpture and printmaking, Paul Edmunds’ (b.1970) work is known for its labour-intensive exploration of form, pattern and physicality. His repetitive, disciplined and methodical approach is counterbalanced by the use of unusual materials – hardware store finds and skateboard wheels which inject the work with a playful and irreverent edge. This approach is not overtly conscious – it’s a response to inspiration, to what the artist names “anything that compels me with its colour, texture, form, scent or sound.” Edmunds reduces these stimuli to almost mathematical minimalism, to single repetitive units which may shift incrementally, accumulating to form rich patterns – and inviting contemplation of complexities both visual and conceptual, structural realities both manmade and cosmic.

Paul writes:
‘Window’ began as an image I created with a series of stencils and spraypaint. In the process of translating this into the silkscreen medium, we explored many different ways of creating varied tone, complicated registration, and several colours. In the end we arrived at a simple metallic copper image on a ground just touched by magenta. It seemed fitting, as the work had begun as a simple response to light passing through steel mullioned windows into my dusty studio. The dust seemed to hold light in the air, even where shadows created dark passages through illuminated space. Perhaps the work alludes to the idea of artistic inspiration, (born of staring out the window!) or the notion of possibility just outside

Edmunds has held numerous solo exhibitions, including two in the USA, and participated in group exhibitions across the globe. He has work included in significant collections such as the Iziko South African National Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has produced several large-scale, corporate commissions. Additional accolades include the Ampersand Foundation Residency in New York, the Tollman Award and the Volkskas Atelier Award.

  • Metallic copper ink on a magenta tinted background
  • Screen print on 100% archival paper (BFK Rives 250gsm)
  • Paper size: 560x760mm
  • Limited edition of 50
  • Numbered and signed by the artist
  • Hand-printed in South Africa
  • Please note all prints are sold unframed
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