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Wim Legrand / Familiar faces, peculiar spaces

For those of you who were lucky enough to catch Wim Legrand’s solo show, The Parafix, late last year, you might remember ‘Miami Sausage’ – a marvellous artwork of polyester resin, enamel and duct tape. The installation features a rendition of Legrand’s hot-sausage-dog character, a familiar face that makes a number of appearances throughout the artist’s works, in disciplines ranging from sculpture to painting, pen and ink to printmaking.

This hotdoggish character finds himself again at centre stage in our latest 50ty/50ty screen print release. Although, this time, the sausage is no mere prop. He has hands – and matches. He is animate – and he can animate.

What ensues is a story of perpetual surprise in 12 amusing scenes, an artwork that strikes, in Legrand’s words, “the balance between an image that evokes a sense of familiarity, something you think you might have seen before, and just the right amount of ‘What the hell am I looking at?’”

The masterful linework and dot screen aesthetic reference the cartoon visual language of Legrand’s childhood, chosen for its universal familiarity and capacity for cross-cultural, nonverbal cues. READ MORE / BUY NOW



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