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#meetinthemaking | MoSa Lange by Louis de Villiers

Louis de Villiers is back (with blue) in the studio.

He continues to explore the cultural codes of our social, consumerist landscape – a landscape where brands and personal style communicate philosophical affiliation and social status. But, while once known for his limited colour palette of black, white and gold, he is now enjoying what he calls his “blue phase” – perfectly embodied by the single-colour screen print he developed for our Meet-in-the-making series.

Titled MoSa Lange, and feeling familiar on a number of levels, the artwork is inspired by artwork inspired by an artwork. Two cultural phenomena are in the mix: the Mona Lisa and popular musician Solange Knowles. Knowles’ 2016 album artwork was styled after Da Vinci’s famous portrait but included hairstyling clips to suggest vulnerability and transition. The image became iconic overnight and was mimicked by fans on social media all over the world, making it prime subject matter for De Villiers’ clever, humorous and irreverent scrutiny.

This original print comes complete with high gloss, gold vinyl stickers so that you can pimp your print (or the glass of the print frame).

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Louis de Villiers has held solo shows across South Africa and in New York and has participated in group exhibitions in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa. He first attracted acclaim under the pseudonym of SKULLBOY – a creative alter-ego with its origins in graphic design and street art.


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